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Weekend Observations: Sites from Down Under & Why Diversity is Truly Beautiful

0 Comments 18 April 2015

I feel like the luckiest girl on earth.  As I write this I am sipping coffee in a coffee shop in Sydney, Australia! And despite weather predictions of rain, it is sunny and cool outside.  Yesterday was even better – sunny and hot.  So I spent a lazy Saturday roaming the streets, parks and monuments of this […]

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The Beauty Business Isn’t Just Glam & Pretty Pics, It’s Requires Insight and Savvy Like All Others

0 Comments 13 April 2015

When we think of beauty, images of heavily made-up women and glossy photos come to mind.  But when you scratch beneath the surface, you see that it’s a business.  And like all businesses, there are codes and rules that will ensure it’s success or failure.  But, sometimes, these businesses think their immune to them.  After all, they […]

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Weekend Observations, Weekly Essentials

Weekend Observations: Want to Unify Across Racial, Gender or Socio-economic Lines? Start Talking Beauty

0 Comments 29 March 2015

It always amazes me how a bunch of guys who may have nothing in common other than their gender can instantly connect over sports.  I know I’m generalizing.  After all, my father NEVER chats about sports. But given the fact that I have been surrounded by boys and men much of my life, I can […]

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Weekend Observations: Want to Connect with Someone? Groom Her

0 Comments 22 March 2015

We see it with monkeys who pick lice from each other’s heads.  We see it with mothers who carefully bathe their newborns.  And we even see it with friends.  There is something very intimate and bonding about making others look good. There are many analyses of the beauty salon, including our own, that reveal the communal power […]

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Weekend Observations, Weekly Essentials

Weekend Observations: Getting Stage-Ready in DIY Fashion

0 Comments 15 March 2015

Shoot.  I’m supposed to be stage-ready for a panel Monday AM in Austin for SXSW.  (See the invitation above:)) Normally I wouldn’t be too nervous.   But since we have let the whole world know — again and again — about this event I probably should look the “part”, no?  Of course people aren’t coming just […]

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