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Beauty From Around the World & Why It’s Contagious

0 Comments 01 March 2015

People often ask why we started this blog.  The first reason: I have learned quite a bit about beauty in our culture from all my client work over the years.  Another reason: I find it a very interesting, and personally relevant topic.  Finally, it’s a subject that gets a ton a play, i.e., it’s a topic that […]

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100 Years of Beauty: A Peek into Political History

0 Comments 22 February 2015

One of the first courses I ever took in college influenced my entire career.  I don’t remember the exact title.  It was a class I needed to fulfill one of my core curriculum requirements. My first choice, a popular course on the history of China, was filled.  I didn’t have a back up plan so I chose […]

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What Mesmerizes Us is As Old As Time

0 Comments 15 February 2015

When I gear up to write a post, I sometimes troll the news feed to see what folks are chatting about.  So I did the same thing this time. After the third or so article I happened upon a post of top photos collected over the past weeks.  I wish I could say the photos depicted […]

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The Fall of Barbie May Not Be For the Reason The Critics Think

0 Comments 01 February 2015

  News Alert: Barbie sales fell a whopping 16% in 2014.  And this is no fluke.  The year earlier, the brand’s sales fells 13%.  Oy. Time Magazine published a story about the doll’s demise.  The reason cited for the brand’s dramatic fall?  Changing values around body image.  Barbie has tried to appeal to these changing […]

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A Photograph of a Star Cluster Eaten by Bacteria Found on My iPh

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The Beauty in Decay, Dirt & Death

1 Comment 25 January 2015

After a year of sitting on my shelf, I finally started reading a morbid mystery novel set in 12th century England.  The story aptly titled the Mistress of Death follows a female coroner’s investigation into the deaths of little children. Macabre, I know. There was a line in the book that struck me.  The main character talks […]

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