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Why Super Bowl Fever is a Very Beautiful Thing

1 Comment 07 February 2016

Like so many of us, I have Super Bowl fever.  I actually don’t care about football or even enjoy watching sports in general.  But my kids, especially my middle son, are buzzing with excitement.  And THAT is so fun to watch.  The energy and passion are infectious.  The fun of having friends over just ratchets […]

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Would You Risk Your Lives for Art? These People Did.

0 Comments 31 January 2016

  Musings by @APosner on the @NYTimes article “Art From the Holocaust: The Beauty and Brutality in Hidden Works” If you think beauty is a luxury and not a necessity, think again.   While in hiding or in work camps during the Holocaust, Leo Haas, Bedrich Fritta, and Nelly Toll, just age 8, struggled to survive. […]

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Sexy Social Change: Don’t Shun the Vapid Selfies and Videos; They Can Be A Source of Brilliance

0 Comments 24 January 2016

  My buddy John alerted me to this fascinating story from the Telegraph, Is this the first Instagram masterpiece? A well-regarded young artist, Amalia Ulman, spoofs the Instagram’s selfie phenomenon to not only make a point, but to create her art recent exhibition: “Excellences & Perfections.” This story captivated me for so many reasons.  Ulman […]

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Despite What David Brooks Says, We Can Experience the Deeper, More Spiritual Side of Beauty

0 Comments 17 January 2016

The world-renowned New York Times columnist and author, David Brooks, published a piece on Friday that initially depressed me.  In his Op-Ed, “When Beauty Strikes,” Brooks laments our lack of deep appreciation for the spiritual gifts of beauty — an appreciation that dwindled after the end of the era of Humanism.  Brooks writes: “These days we all like beautiful […]

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Fashionable Protests: The Unexpected Source of Saudi Women’s Independence

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Fashionable Protests: The Unexpected Source of Saudi Women’s Independence

0 Comments 10 January 2016

With the glut of oil and rising Sunni – Shia tensions in Saudi Arabia, I’m sure all of us have been wondering,”what happens if the Saudi regime actually falls?”  The impact will be dramatic, no doubt.  The region will be in that much more turmoil. But I can’t help imagine what would happen after all […]

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