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Weekend Observations: What The Beauty of Your Home Says About You

0 Comments 23 August 2015

I know, I know, I flaked last week.  But I had a good reason.  I was up to my ears in home furnishings at the Design Expo in NYC.  My decorator took my husband and me to see the plethora of furniture, rugs, lighting fixtures, you name it, on display.  It was both overwhelming and […]

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What is the Definition of Beauty Anyway?

0 Comments 09 August 2015

This question has been asked for eons.  One of the most accepted answers for what we deem beautiful is a scientific or evolutionary one.  We are attracted to certain people, especially faces, that seem, well, normal, i.e., symmetrical and free of abnormalities. The simple reason?  To survive as a species, we seek indicators of health in […]

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When Beauty Is Right In Front of You

0 Comments 04 August 2015

Sorry folks for being down this past week or so… we had to do some maintenance thanks to all those pesky hackers out there.  But all is good now! One of the many positive attributes of our digital, mobile and social lives is how we have opened our eyes to the beauty right in front of […]

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The Turning Point When “I Got This” Becomes Your Daily Mantra

0 Comments 19 July 2015

Like most people, I both crave and curse the scary moments in life.  You know those times: when we are traveling to a foreign country, public speaking, meeting new, and potentially, intimidating people. This past week, I lived through all the above. I traveled to Tel Aviv where I had a wonderful experience presenting in front of big […]

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It’s Time to Celebrate the Ugly Heroines , For All of Our Sakes

0 Comments 12 July 2015

11 Ugly heroines.  Well actually 11 not gorgeous-with-flowing-blonde-hair-and-hourglass-figure-heroines, I should say.  That’s the number of heroines discovered by Crystal Paul in her recent post in Bustle just the other day. Paul recognized what we have learned to take for granted: most heroines in fairy tales or movies are both courageous and drop-dead-gorgeous.  Think about it: Wonder […]

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