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What’s more Beautiful than the South of France? I Figured it Out

0 Comments 28 June 2015

I just came back from my annual trip to Cannes, France for the Cannes Lion Advertising Festival.  As you can imagine it was a week FULL of beauty.  From the beautiful scenery, to the beautiful food, to the beautiful people, Cannes offers me a plethora of fodder. But I’m not going report on all of […]

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Beer, Beauty, Bad-ass Men

0 Comments 21 June 2015

I thought I’d seen it all.  And then I flipped through my feed of beauty-related articles and landed on a story about beer and men. Now, that’s not unusual.  But when you hear about how the beer brand is talking to men, you’ll see what I mean. Carlsberg beer is launching a line of beauty products!  Yep, […]

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We Are All Too Sexy For UR Lab

0 Comments 14 June 2015

There’s a lot of wonderful things I’ve inherited from my mother, including my desire for a strong family life (be both have 3 kids), a love for fashion and beauty, and the belief that women can kick ass in ANY career.  My mother is pioneer.  During the 60’s when most women were gearing up to […]

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Weekend Observations: When Frivolous Leads to Profound

0 Comments 07 June 2015

How we LOVE to make fun of reality TV.  We deem it as frivolous at best and downright brain-damaging at worst.  Add the whole Kardashian dynasty to the conversation and we can’t help but cackle at their maladies.  Just this weekend I came across numerous articles outlining, in gory, snarky detail, the exhausting lengths Kim must go […]

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Weekend Observations: W Might Have Found Perfect Wake Up Call to Naysayers of Global Warming

0 Comments 31 May 2015

Despite how dorky I look, I do it everyday from May until November.  I douse my face with sunscreen and wear a big straw hat visor.  There is no way I’m going to grow old and wrinkly without a fight. One of the key things that scared me into sun-protection-submission is the website, In20Years.  I warn […]

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