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Weekend Observations: Want to Connect with Someone? Groom Her

0 Comments 22 March 2015

We see it with monkeys who pick lice from each other’s heads.  We see it with mothers who carefully bathe their newborns.  And we even see it with friends.  There is something very intimate and bonding about making others look good. There are many analyses of the beauty salon, including our own, that reveal the communal power […]

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Weekend Observations, Weekly Essentials

Weekend Observations: Getting Stage-Ready in DIY Fashion

0 Comments 15 March 2015

Shoot.  I’m supposed to be stage-ready for a panel Monday AM in Austin for SXSW.  (See the invitation above:)) Normally I wouldn’t be too nervous.   But since we have let the whole world know — again and again — about this event I probably should look the “part”, no?  Of course people aren’t coming just […]

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Sometimes It Takes us to Witness Beauty from Other Cultures to Appreciate Our Own

0 Comments 11 March 2015

There’s nothing more beautiful, in my mind, than the beauty of other countries. There’s something so special about seeing history, traditions and the local environment of another place brought to life. This week I am traveling in Brazil. My journey includes Sao Paulo, which I have visited a number of times before, and a smaller, […]

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Beauty From Around the World & Why It’s Contagious

0 Comments 01 March 2015

People often ask why we started this blog.  The first reason: I have learned quite a bit about beauty in our culture from all my client work over the years.  Another reason: I find it a very interesting, and personally relevant topic.  Finally, it’s a subject that gets a ton a play, i.e., it’s a topic that […]

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100 Years of Beauty: A Peek into Political History

0 Comments 22 February 2015

One of the first courses I ever took in college influenced my entire career.  I don’t remember the exact title.  It was a class I needed to fulfill one of my core curriculum requirements. My first choice, a popular course on the history of China, was filled.  I didn’t have a back up plan so I chose […]

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