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What is Absent Here is the Most Startling & Amazing

0 Comments 24 May 2015

My news feed was filled on Friday morning with article after article about the “controversial” Elle cover featuring an Australian model/mom breast-feeding her infant. Why was it controversial?  NOT because you saw some of her beautiful boob or that she was  –gasp — breastfeeding for all to see.  No.  The controversy was around Elle‘s cover […]

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The Taboo Seen Through New Eyes

0 Comments 17 May 2015

No matter how progressive we all are, women and men alike would rather avoid the topic of  menstruation as much possible.  More than that, we certainly don’t want to take a cold, hard look at our “flow” for long periods of time. It’s certainly in vogue to think of our periods as something natural and […]

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Marguerite Duras

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Weekend Observations: It’s Finally Impacted Me, And It Can Do the Same For You

0 Comments 10 May 2015

This past Friday was my birthday.  I usually keep this news quiet.  I don’t like to tell people because I’m not one for people making a fuss over me.  But, thanks to Facebook, everyone knows our milestones. As soon I arose, I was lovingly bombarded by birthday messages.  It was great.  But it almost meant I couldn’t […]

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Weekend Observations

Weekend Observations: How Gaining a Few LBs Could Make You Appreciate Your Body Even More

0 Comments 03 May 2015

After months of travel, decadent client meals and tons of “networking cocktails,” I’ve gained a buttload of weight (no pun intended ;)). I’m not denying my escapades were fun. But the repercussions?… well, not so much. So I’m trying to get myself back into shape — eating less, exercising more, drinking green juices and trying to carve out […]

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Weekend Observations: The Little Reminders of Our Beautiful Brains

0 Comments 26 April 2015

It was a scene like so many others.  One of the key characters of The Americans, FBI Agent Beeman, sits across from Martha, the secretary from his office, at her home one evening.  The vibe is uncomfortable given Martha’s role in planting a bug in their boss’s office. He doesn’t know this though.  She wants him out of […]

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