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The Turning Point When “I Got This” Becomes Your Daily Mantra

0 Comments 19 July 2015

Like most people, I both crave and curse the scary moments in life.  You know those times: when we are traveling to a foreign country, public speaking, meeting new, and potentially, intimidating people. This past week, I lived through all the above. I traveled to Tel Aviv where I had a wonderful experience presenting in front of big […]

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It’s Time to Celebrate the Ugly Heroines , For All of Our Sakes

0 Comments 12 July 2015

11 Ugly heroines.  Well actually 11 not gorgeous-with-flowing-blonde-hair-and-hourglass-figure-heroines, I should say.  That’s the number of heroines discovered by Crystal Paul in her recent post in Bustle just the other day. Paul recognized what we have learned to take for granted: most heroines in fairy tales or movies are both courageous and drop-dead-gorgeous.  Think about it: Wonder […]

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Daily Shaving, Combing & Washing Mean A Ton More Than You Think

0 Comments 05 July 2015

As someone who is often on the road or running around even when I’m back at my home base, I was immediately struck by these first few words of an article’s headline: “Traveling salon…”  What I would do to get beauty services anywhere anytime (and add at a good price and then I’m set! We all can […]

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What’s more Beautiful than the South of France? I Figured it Out

0 Comments 28 June 2015

I just came back from my annual trip to Cannes, France for the Cannes Lion Advertising Festival.  As you can imagine it was a week FULL of beauty.  From the beautiful scenery, to the beautiful food, to the beautiful people, Cannes offers me a plethora of fodder. But I’m not going report on all of […]

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Beer, Beauty, Bad-ass Men

0 Comments 21 June 2015

I thought I’d seen it all.  And then I flipped through my feed of beauty-related articles and landed on a story about beer and men. Now, that’s not unusual.  But when you hear about how the beer brand is talking to men, you’ll see what I mean. Carlsberg beer is launching a line of beauty products!  Yep, […]

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