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Are We Hard-Wired to Be Attracted to the Beauty of Our Elders?

0 Comments 01 May 2016

Is it me or are we finally looking at our elder beauties in a new light?  Every where I look I feel like people are starting to pay attention to the beauty of the older women and men in our society in a different, progressive and admirable way.  Or perhaps it’s because my birthday is coming up […]

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Beautiful Rebellion: When Media Breaks Down the Walls of Segregation

3 Comments 17 April 2016

The media, especially advertising, is often criticized for our warped expectations of beauty. There is no doubt about it: photoshopping, highly sexualized portraits and impossibly thin models, create unrealistic — even harmful — visions of the ideal. We just love to lambast the media, and I get it. But then there are those instances when […]

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What do Lady Gaga, the start of spring and your bodies have in common?  So much.

9 Comments 20 March 2016

If you were like so many of us who witnessed Lady Gaga’s amazing Oscar performance of “Til It Happens to You,” you were moved.  The song is amazing, but it’s her passion and power that make it so riveting. I later learned one of the reasons this song affected her so much was that she, […]

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“The inevitable dissatisfaction with one’s own appearance is the engine not only of philosophy but of civil society at large.” Andy Martin. SXSW, Satre & Scissors: Getting Prepped for SXSW Reflects the Basis of Philosophy

11 Comments 13 March 2016

I’m in SXSW now but before my trip, I knew I had to clean up my act before my panel. I don’t mean I had to behave like a responsible adult (the totally wrong move in Austin :)).  No, I had to get beautified. When it comes to getting my hair cut, I push it off […]

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As one of the world’s ugliest problems, could beauty be part of the answer?

Comments Off on As one of the world’s ugliest problems, could beauty be part of the answer? 03 March 2016

In this week of heightened awareness of violence against women (first with the win of A Girl in the River: The Price for Forgiveness at the Oscars and second thanks to the march against violence by the UN Women for Peace), it seems an odd time to chat about beauty.  It amazes me — no, downright […]

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